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Sybarite Jewellery is a London-based jewelry brand founded in 2012 by Margarita Prysiazhniuk. Sybarite goes a step beyond perfection by creating impeccable kinetic pieces and combining traditional techniques with the world’s finest materials. The founder Margarita personally develops the designs, attending to every detail and inventing unique technology that breaks the boundaries of conventional jewelry craftsmanship.

As a brand Sybarite strives to awaken a childlike delight in people’s hearts. Deeply immersed in nostalgia, we create exquisite yet playful one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to bring back that feeling of warmth, excitement and endless possibility that we all have as children, to continue on this playful path of joie de vivre and to captivate generations to come.

This is the philosophy of Sybarite. When we are children, the world revolves around us. Sybarite Jewellery makes the world revolve around you once more. From ballerinas in pirouette to kaleidoscopes of vivid colors, to pieces with hidden secrets revealed only to the owner, our jewelry brings uninhibited joy into your life and as if on a time machine, returns to the priceless emotions of childhood.

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