How it Started

In 2011, Valentina Kova left the world of investment banking and created her own world by launching her first collection of Fine Jewelry, simplistic classics to strikingly grand pieces - Valentina had only reached the frontier of her brand. Later in 2013, Valentina entered the world of clothing design and showed how her training and education in apparel production was a force to be reckoned with. Valentina says “..I started with jewelry but, clothing was the destination.” 

In all of the years of production, Valentina and her team have all remained committed to keeping true to the ethos of Valentina Kova. While our knit cashmere’s are produced in Lucca, Italy; the remainder of production of clothing and jewelry are produced in New York City. Both production sites are closely overseen by the Valentina Kova Team. The brand’s mission is to continuously create luxury ready to wear designs while focusing on the quality of texture for each fabric with the modern-day woman in mind. Valentina Kova is here to provoke all women to feel courageous, radiate power, confidence, and will; to understand that confidently embracing who you are with ease and poise, is what makes you truly a real-life superwoman. 


It is an incredible time for us at Valentina Kova to produce designs for women. We understand that beautiful clothes aren’t as beautiful without the purpose behind it. From creating dresses, sweaters to blouses and jackets, we are constantly evolving and working to innovate a wardrobe that enhances the livelihood of women.

Every seam, cutline, and fit has been decided with her means gracefully in mind; we do this by designing elegant silhouettes that are the perfect balance between structure and stretch. The art of design lies from start to finish with details intact, it is what we believe and it is our ethos.


As this year ends, and the next begins, please look out for our Spring Summer 2020 Ethos collection. The collection that stands for all we believe in and showcases the World of Valentina Kova.