Food Bank for NYC

We all have something to give and the power to do our part. 


As a New York City based company we’ve seen our loved ones, communities, and city be completely rattled by the emergence and spread of COVID-19. Our city has dealt with numerous amounts of turmoil in the past, but we are here to prove once again that we are resourceful and united. 
When we first started our #StaySafeinVK campaign, our intention was to help our clients navigate and adapt to our new reality. Our small company, just like every big and small company in the world, has been greatly affected by COVID-19. We may still have our own struggles, but we do want to do our part and understand that any amount we can donate is substantial.
Thus, we’ve decided that we will be donating 10% of our sales from our Face Masks to the Food Bank for New York City. We’ve chosen this organization to donate our sales too because no family or anyone should have to worry about when their next meal is or if they will be able to afford it. 


The Food Bank for New York City’s mission is to end food poverty by organizing food, information and support for community survival, empowerment and dignity in the five boroughs of New York. During this pandemic, they’ve taken proactive steps and have prepared to provide emergency food and other resources to vulnerable New Yorkers who have been impacted. By our contribution to their hunger-relief organization, we will support them to keep providing meals on tables for the growing number of people [according to the New York Times, this number has increased by 50%] who rely on them.

The battle against COVID-19 is far from over, but there is strength in numbers and empathy. We stand with our people of New York City and around the world, and let us all thrive in unity. 


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