Ethos Collection

At Valentina Kova, beauty lies in the details. This month, we introduced our Spring Collection, Ethos - a collection designed to remind women of the power and courage they hold within themselves.  

Our idea for this collection was to introduce styles that reinforce the concept “less is always more.” In order to keep the looks fresh, we incorporated minuscule elements into the designs of the clothes while maintaining each fabric and texture in its most natural form. The core items of our collection include tailored jackets and body-defining, fluid silhouettes that are elegant to ensure you look unapologetically pretty.
Pairings of Suede with Leather and Tweed with Silk also exist to illustrate that a woman can be rational, disciplined, and passionate while maintaining a feminine aura. Never one or the other, but living synonymously.


Effortless and ready to wear is at the heart of Valentina Kova and with Ethos, we wanted to create a wardrobe that would be effortless for a woman to get dressed because the person wearing the clothes is more important than the clothes themselves. Our end goal with Ethos was to create a wardrobe that envisions the philosophy of Valentina Kova: “ provoke all women to feel courageous and fearless; to dare greatly.”


Discover Ethos Collection.