Allure Collection, Fall 2020


Allure: to be powerfully and mysteriously fascinating.


Polka dots have been around since practically the beginning of time (1852), but before, the coined term ‘polka dot’ came about; it had gone by many other terms: Dotted-Swiss, quiconce (French), and thalertupfen (German) and while the name has been changed multiple times, one thing has stayed the same: its alluring power. 

Polka dots are the only print you can never go wrong with. It is one of the easiest prints to dress up or down, and you will always make a statement.

It is continuously being modernized throughout history - from Elizabeth Taylor to Christian Dior’s New Look collection in 1954 to today’s runway shows and season collections. For styling recommendations, you can layer different polka dot patterns for an innovative look and no doubt, you can wear this pattern all year round! 

The model in polka dot dress and jacket by Christian Dior. Photographed by Georges Saad in 1954.


In 1926 Miss America was photographed wearing a Polka Dot swimsuit and from that moment, America began its love affair. By 1940, the Los Angeles Times stated: “You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line, and you'll never regret it." 

Miss America from 1926, Norma Smallwood wears a polka dot swimsuit.


Before the Polka Dot became the most considered luxurious pattern, it was considered to be unacceptable and widely disliked. This is because it had resembled certain diseases, such as smallpox. Nevertheless, we now know Polka Dots have an extremely reputable name and will always be in season.


During the time we began working on our Autumn/Winter Collection, it was the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic. While it was hard to face the uncertainties, we were able to keep busy and find the light with this collection. It reminded us that when times are tough: try to remain soft, light and to be open to accepting daily challenges.

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